Hills, Hills, HILLS!

Pittsburgh is hilly.  I ran most of my 4.89 miles uphill.

Take THAT, hills! (Holy crap do my legs ever feel this one!)

I improvised this very weird little path through Allegheny Cemetery / Lawrenceville that had me ‘bounding’ up hills every chance I got.  I can really feel it in my legs – in a good way!  Every time I run in that place, I run some different, doofy way.  I like to challenge myself.  And apparently I like the temporary panic of thinking maybe I’m lost.

As for the weather — well, there’s nothing like autumn in Pennsylvania.  Sorry, California, you really don’t have anything on this:

Note it is zombie-free
It really is lovely in Allegheny Cemetery, and the reason it looks so clear of leaves is they were actively getting rid of them.  
Geese are scarier than zombies

Even though I’m allergic to SO MUCH of it, I adore seeing everything change throughout the seasons.  Catch me in winter — betcha I won’t be so enthralled then!


Rainy Days

So, I rather like running in the rain, but I’m pretty sure my 5 miler isn’t in today’s cards.  Last night I got horrendously sick — I threw up a bunch when I got home and barely ate anything (and was still nursing serious nausea throughout the night).  I still don’t feel quite right.  My ankle is achy from this . . .bug bite?  Scratch mark?  I don’t even know what the hell it is . . .

Either way, I’m going to slide my schedule a bit — and I’ll get in the miles Thursday / Friday.  So far, Sunday is looking good for the long run, but I’ll see. . . .

Once more, for good measure

My second run today was also in the rain (and in my Asics — but joy of joys! — my new Brooks shoes came in.  MMM HMMM!).  So, I took the streets of Morningside in my quest for a measley 1.5 miles.  Instead, I did 2.16.  I even saw another runner (we gave each other signs of encouragement) as the rain got harder.

All in all, a good day.  I’m sure I’ll be sore for that 5k tomorrow — and I’ll start putting some mileage on my Brooks Ghost shoes!

Preparation is Key

I’m no longer horribly underprepared for winter-ish running.  I picked up a good windbreaker, and I do have some capris that should prove warm enough until I really get to winter proper (I’ll look into picking up some tights in the next few weeks).  And, today I did my long run — on a treadmill.  I hate treadmills.   And I didn’t want to do my long run on one, but you know ..  wish in one hand and all that jazz.  I’ll be so grateful when my week returns to normal next week!


In order to get a project done in time, I swapped my days off last week (instead of straight up taking PTO on Monday).  This means, I’m all out of whack about what day of the week it is (next week will be most unpleasant, I think. . . ).  The good news is, the project is finished.  But, the bad news is, the weather has suddenly become quite a bit colder — it’s 45 degrees.  So, I need something a little warmer to wear than a tank top, sports bra, and shorts.  I don’t think I’ll need pants yet (if I find a good pair, I’ll pick them up), but I do at least need something on my arms.  So, I’ll do my long run tomorrow, and I’ll cross train today (and shop!).