Catch Up

Some days, I don’t feel like writing.  Last week was a low point — migraine headaches, muscle aches and pains — oh my.  But I got my 10.5 mile long run done (and a fiver and a three in there as well) — and today I face my 3 miles.  On a treadmill.  Because I forgot to bring a jacket or even a hat to help with the downpour that’s just about to happen.

Tomorrow, I’ll log another 3 miles (maybe also on a treadmill, depending on what sort of runwear I can put together) — but on Thursday I’ll run a 5 mile Turkey Trot!


Preparation is Key

I’m no longer horribly underprepared for winter-ish running.  I picked up a good windbreaker, and I do have some capris that should prove warm enough until I really get to winter proper (I’ll look into picking up some tights in the next few weeks).  And, today I did my long run — on a treadmill.  I hate treadmills.   And I didn’t want to do my long run on one, but you know ..  wish in one hand and all that jazz.  I’ll be so grateful when my week returns to normal next week!