NO!  I shouldn’t run today — since I’m going to do a few miles after my long run Sunday!


Screw that, I’m running later this afternoon.  I got great advice from Steve on how to increase myself to 5 days a week running.


Annnd … I haven’t changed Wallpaper, but I thought this was neat:


3 Dark Miles

See?  Dark.

Fuck you, DST for making this so much more complicated than it needs to be.  Thank you, Brooks,for making awesome, reflective shoes that made me feel safer.  This was the first run where I left the house and it was dark (and about to get darker, not lighter!).  Have to love a full day of meeting run over.

Rainy Days

So, I rather like running in the rain, but I’m pretty sure my 5 miler isn’t in today’s cards.  Last night I got horrendously sick — I threw up a bunch when I got home and barely ate anything (and was still nursing serious nausea throughout the night).  I still don’t feel quite right.  My ankle is achy from this . . .bug bite?  Scratch mark?  I don’t even know what the hell it is . . .

Either way, I’m going to slide my schedule a bit — and I’ll get in the miles Thursday / Friday.  So far, Sunday is looking good for the long run, but I’ll see. . . .

A First

I’ve never run after I come home — normally I like to either get my long distance done earlier, or get my mid distance in during my work day, or something — but either way, I’ve not run through sunset.   But today, of course, I didn’t get a break long enough to really even have a non-eventful lunch, so there was no way I could have torn myself away (I didn’t have any block remotely over an hour from the moment I sat down!)

But, today, since I couldn’t do it at work — and miles don’t run themselves, I decided to do the run around 6 PM, so it was also the first run through the park when it wasn’t some extremely early time.  I ran past kids playing on the swingsets, other runners, and one gorgeous sunset over the reservoir.  I’ve really taken to running without music — the sound of my footfalls and breathing helps me to know what level of exertion that I’m at, and I generally feel much safer, as I can easily hear if a car is slowing down to turn or not.  The nice thing about running on the trail around the park is it has a lot more cushion, but I also like the path because it’s not concrete. . .

Anyway, what a great run.  A teensy bit over 4 miles, but still good. 


Luckily, awesome knitting friend was ok with moving lunch, so I’ll run on my lunch again.  I DID set my alarm to go off, woke up, thanked the stars I could reschedule it and did so.  Next week — I’ll be running those short 3 / 4 mile stints in the early morning with the long mid week run during my lunch Wednesday…