Really, Thursday?

It’s really hard to know where to start on this one.  This morning started at 6:23.  In case you don’t know my work schedule, that’s late.  I cursed, loudly enough that Darren was jarred from sleep (dogs scattered) in my panic to find my phone and call work to let them know I was late.  The time I woke up was the precise time my bus goes by (and I even got to hear it).   I did manage to think through that I could easily email that I was going to be late.

In a blind panic, I got myself cleaned up and ran out the door as fast as I could.  Unfortunately, my alarm (it appears I turned it off instead of hitting snooze.)  I can only say “it appears,” you see, because I had a couple of drinks last night. I’m pretty sure when my alarm went off, that I really wasn’t having any of it.  The problem was, in my “I’m late” panic, I couldn’t find my phone.  Darren was searching for it on hands and knees and didn’t have any luck, so I sort of knew early that this was going to be ‘that sort of day.’

So I proceeded to have a horrible day at work.  One of those serious “what have I done to deserve this” days.  At about mid morning, I notice my ankle is throbbing.  I had noticed on Sunday it felt a little sore, like maybe I had bruised it or something, and seriously, I chalked it up to nothing.  Monday I was laid up with that migraine — so I had obviously rested it.  Then I ran Tuesday, Wednesday – and no pain other than a slight one, nothing worse than what I feel with muscle soreness any other day.  And only on the inside of the ankle.

Well, after the running around I did today, I must have exacerbated something.  What’s ridiculous is that I can run to the edge of downtown and back, but apparently back and forth is just too much, and my ankle swelled up.  By the mid afternoon I was trying to prop it up on anything (I’ll never say this again, but I’m grateful that I had afternoon meetings so I could keep my leg up-ish and not be running around everywhere).  It was hard to be delicate in a skirt, I’ll say that.  Then, the end of the day was with me running around.  Again.

So now I’m not sure if I can run for a few days.  This blows, because of the 5k — and my long run!  But — missing a few days is better than missing a lot of days . . .  But for now, I’m babying my ankle and hoping it was just strained and will magically get better in a day.