"If I had long legs I would love to run."

I just heard someone say that, on this documentary I’m watching called “Big Enough: POV.”  I used to think “I’d suck at running, I have short legs.”  I now know, after a few months, wow!  I suck at running — I have short legs! 
But now, they feel long.  Perspective — it’s a hell of a thing.

The big thing I’ve been fighting lately is to not let my cynicism interrupt my ability to be inspired.  People are inspiring, and do inspiring things. Tomorrow morning, when I wake up super early, and strap the shoes on my feet, I’ll muster all the inspiring things I can to kick my ass out that door.

Addendum:  Right after this, I put on Saw: The Final Chapter.  . . so yeah, a little conflicted.  What utter crap.  So, Darren got home from his meeting and I’m watching this crap.  I warn him, “I’m watching utter crap.”  He comes in, finds its crap.  He says “Can we turn it off?”  At first, I was really hesitant — then we established this awful load had been on a mere 23 minutes.  I was shocked.  I thought I could take crap for much longer.  I was proven wrong.