Cujo’s Movie Debut

Ok, one more post, but this is because it’s pretty funny:

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Thanksgiving Review

So, I have a bit of catch-up to do.

Over Thanksgiving, we had a wonderful visitor, Chuck, who really added to the festivities and feast.  He’s moving up the state at the moment, and I can’t describe how cool it was to sit around the kitchen table and have wonderful conversations.

He also had along with him a portable tatoo shop.  So, both Darren and I indulged.  I started with the work on the right arm — and then added the collarbone work to it:

“Pauldron” From cujo and cesar Dec03
That hurt as bad as it looks From cujo and cesar Dec03
From cujo and cesar Dec03

Chuck left on Monday, but not before we had talked to another Darren, who was in need of some help.  You see, he had this dog that he was going to have to give to the pound because he was moving.  We knew that Cujo needed help — a dog’s help, so that he could learn to do such things as play.  We were stumped on how to teach him, and had pretty much reached the conclusion that we would go to the pound on my birthday and rescue another pup.  This seemed a perfect opportunity, and this is how Cesar was introduced into our lives.

From cujo and cesar Dec03

Now, I’m not going to lie — introducing him was a little rocky at first. First of all, he doesn’t know how to walk really well on a leash. He’s a chihuahua / jack russell terrier mix, and that means he is a huge ball of energy. Plus, he’s not so far away from being a puppy — and he still has a lot of puppy tendencies. Darren’s observation that Cujo looks like a puppy but is always serious, and Cesar acts like a puppy but looks more serious is pretty apt. Cujo didn’t know what to make of the situation, and was really, really super cranky. Cesar, God Bless Him, was a little darling, not minding the nips.

Then, as terriers will do, he spent the next couple of hours sniffing EVERYTHING. He loves A&D ointment, which is a complication, since Darren and I both have large swatches of our arm coated in the stuff:

A&D makes me shiny From cujo and cesar Dec03

But, the next day, there was a huge breakthrough – when Cesar was spooked by the coffee grinder, he ran behind the chair. Cujo followed, and just stood near, as if he was saying “it’s ok, it’s not a bad sound.”

However, it was when they started to actually PLAY (with Cujo’s tail wagging for the first time!) that we knew Cesar had found a home.

Dogs at Play From cujo and cesar Dec03

The other Darren called us to see how the sleepover went, and we told him we really loved this little guy, and would love to help out. So, Cesar finally, officially, had a home:

Cesar and Cujo sleeping together From cujo and cesar Dec03

I know it’s still early, but I firmly believe this is going to work out well. They are already inseparable:

From cujo and cesar Dec03

Cesar is a sweet, inquisitive little dog — always moving, always burrowing under covers and sniffing around. He’s truly a ying to Cujo’s yang, so this is going to be a fun time!

From cujo and cesar Dec03

Cujo even managed to find some time to pose for an ultra glamour shot (Lou Ann, this is for you):

From cujo and cesar Dec03

They really are a joy already, and we are trying to use the techniques of Cesar’s namesake, but we still have some to go. But these boys look ready, don’t you think?

From cujo and cesar Dec03

And, they adore their daddy (so do I)

From cujo and cesar Dec03

Even if they are hard to wrangle into position:

From cujo and cesar Dec03

And they both get snuggled — LOTS:

From cujo and cesar Dec03
From cujo and cesar Dec03

They are great companions, and Darren and I just love them to pieces. Soon, they will have their own dogster pages, and they already have their very own blog at CujoandCesar.Wordpress.Com. I figured that it would be a good idea for me to separate them (just like the pictures), because they are two damn cute not to!

But, that’s my all too incomplete and high level update.

A New Toth

We have two turtles, as you know — Slim and Munly.  But the Toths expanded by one more last night.

The picture isn’t good (I have to find my camera’s cable to bring the better ones over), but you get the idea of our little rescued Miniature Pinscher.


He had been at the pound for three months, and was on the chopping block.  For some reason, inspired by PuppyCam, I’m guessing, I was insistent we get a dog.  And here is the result!  Isn’t he cute??

Welcome home, Cujo (Of course our dog’s name is Cujo!)