Hills, Hills, HILLS!

Pittsburgh is hilly.  I ran most of my 4.89 miles uphill.

Take THAT, hills! (Holy crap do my legs ever feel this one!)

I improvised this very weird little path through Allegheny Cemetery / Lawrenceville that had me ‘bounding’ up hills every chance I got.  I can really feel it in my legs – in a good way!  Every time I run in that place, I run some different, doofy way.  I like to challenge myself.  And apparently I like the temporary panic of thinking maybe I’m lost.

As for the weather — well, there’s nothing like autumn in Pennsylvania.  Sorry, California, you really don’t have anything on this:

Note it is zombie-free
It really is lovely in Allegheny Cemetery, and the reason it looks so clear of leaves is they were actively getting rid of them.  
Geese are scarier than zombies

Even though I’m allergic to SO MUCH of it, I adore seeing everything change throughout the seasons.  Catch me in winter — betcha I won’t be so enthralled then!

First Blood!

Yesterday I had a nice little 5k jaunt in the evening up at Highland Park (got to hear Policemen shooting like mad at the firing range, that was a fun one to piece together).  Today, I went for my four miler — I patiently waited out the worst of the rain, decided a light sprinkle would make for a great run, which it did.  What I forgot is that I’m fucking clumsy.  So, I sucked pavement about 1 mile into the 4 mile run.  I had decided I didn’t want to run downtown (I figured if I got too far and . . . ha, ha, got hurt, it would be too far to come back comfortably), so I decided to change up my zombie run — and I gave blood to the running gods.   BTW, I got my fastest time yet — I think because I wanted more than my drinking water to clean out that nasty palm.

That’s twice I’ve run without water — once deliberate, once not so much.  Both times, relatively successful!

PS — Thanks, JJ, for the band aids.  (She gave me two — and I needed both — that hand wound is a bleeder!)