Twittering, Work, and a General Catch up.

I think the last time I was really regular about keeping a blog was Scotland.  Before that it was the long stint I spent while on crutches (and being Daclaren’s blog buddy, though she far outclasses me!).  Now, I’m so sorry I have to sneak everyone in.

My “tweets” should be appearing on my blog — so if you are ever curious, don’t feel bound by the dates I post, I’m pretty good about getting some kind of 140 character message in, even if it’s to tell Brent Spiner I find his posts amusing, or to try and pimp the Gorn Cannon idea to mythbusters.    I know, according to all the world I’m lame for microblogging, and that’s really just fine with me.

Work has been going nuts, which in my field of work is rather expected.  Duane’s advice to me rings in my head — “You’ll never get a job because things are running smooth.”  And that’s fine.

On the home front, the dogs are doing well.  Darren got my clarinet restored completely, and I got him a banjo.  I’ve decided to follow in Artie Shaw and Benny Goodman’s footsteps, and to learn swing.  To that end, I am ditching the Pomarico Crystal Emerald mouthpiece for a vintage mouthpiece that is ACTUALLY made by the master who also, you got it, helped Benny Goodman and Artie Shaw with such issues.  Of course, the mouthpiece will get here before the reeds, but HEY.  It’s something.

Along those musical lines are two other purchases:  A Didgeridoo, and an Autoharp.  Maybe we can play the Autoclub on the Autoharp!

Interestingly enough ,swing was music that was discouraged by three main people in my life — My clarinet teacher (“You’re so talented at your Mozart”), my band teacher (“Clarinets have no place in jazz band!”), and my grandmother (“go play your Mozart!”).  

So, now I’m going to play my instrument my way!  YAY!

So, some good things to note:

Manny runs a great music shop here in LA to restore instruments:

1507 N Gardner St
Los Angeles, CA 90046

(323) 876-9662
JunkDude is an AWESOME place to buy COOL music instrument accoutrement, and their customer service is unbeatable.  I can’t wait to play my mouthpiece!  
My Twitter, in case you were wondering.
Back to work with me, dear reader!  Notice you are now singular — I do have blog stats 😉 
Just kidding.  I’ve got at least two in my fold!