Catch Up

Some days, I don’t feel like writing.  Last week was a low point — migraine headaches, muscle aches and pains — oh my.  But I got my 10.5 mile long run done (and a fiver and a three in there as well) — and today I face my 3 miles.  On a treadmill.  Because I forgot to bring a jacket or even a hat to help with the downpour that’s just about to happen.

Tomorrow, I’ll log another 3 miles (maybe also on a treadmill, depending on what sort of runwear I can put together) — but on Thursday I’ll run a 5 mile Turkey Trot!


What the fuck was that?

Today, I worked from home, which meant I ate a delicious meal of gluten free oatmeal, peanut butter, a drop of maple syrup and some brown sugar. I adore oatmeal more than I can say — what an amazing piece of a runner’s diet!  I just wish I had discovered it before the age of 35!

  I had my noon time run around 12:15, and got in 3.3 miles — even though it was chilly and I was, once again, cranky.  I wore tights, a long sleeved shirt, my Calorimetry headband.

I got my miles in — they were weird and awful in their own way as I adjusted to all the new sensations — the long sleeved shirt, the long running tights — the added attention because of the first two — and I’ve decided to add what I’ll call a “more intense decency layer.”

All in all, I got it done.

And now, the explanation for the blog name — while Darren went out, for some reason, I just . .. ran up and down my hallway, in my socks, for about 12 minutes.

I have no clue why I did that – what the fuck WAS that??

3 not-so pretty miles

So, I left the office with a plan of where I was going to run and how it was going to go.

I promptly changed that plan for many reasons — from “I don’t feel like running past x” to “I don’t like hill Y.”  What I ended up running was this funky . . weave sort of pattern through Lawrenceville and Bloomfield. 

They weren’t pretty, but they are complete!  Here it is, Thursday, and I’m at 12 miles so far this week.


Evening Jaunt

Today at work I got myself into a semi-productive groove.  These days, semi-productive is super-productive because there’s just a constant stream of interruption I’ve not been deft at dealing with, but it’s really ok — part of the finesse of what I’m trying to do lies exactly in those distractions.

Be that as it may, I kept bouncing back and forth on when I was going to get my run in, and finally settled on it would just be best at night.  I did almost go back on that when there was a 2 PM meeting that was cancelled, but really – I was getting stuff done!  Anyway, I got home, changed into my shorts and short sleeved shirt, and hit the pavement of Morningside for a run that took me up some challenging hills and afforded me an absolutely breathtaking view.  I should have thought of taking a picture.

After taking the time off, I’m sure I did the right thing, because instead of running my planned 3 miles, I ran closer to 4, and on streets without much traffic. That was very important to me today, given that I was nearly killed crossing the street to my bus stop this morning.  Seriously, I would have been dead if I wasn’t so hyper aware and freaked out at aluminium murder machines running on the bones of dead T-Rexes piloted by the Average American (shudder).

3.6 miles in shoes . . . too small!

Wonderously, I’ve discovered that Brooks Ghost 3, size 5, are too SMALL for me!  HAPPY DAY!  This was surprising, since I’d swim in an Asics size 5, so I was surprised I found a shoe that was too small!  But the ride itself?  Perfect.  Luckily, I ordered them from the nice folks at Sierra Trading Post, and they’ve allowed me to swap them in for new shoes.  I’ll be impatient, but it’s well worth the wait.  They even really hooked me up on the price. . . REALLY hooked me up.  So not only was it a discount for using older shoes, but one on top of it, too!

As for the run itself, it was interesting — I twisted my ankle on one of the uneven bits, but apparently it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought.  I got myself home (I was pacing around 9:00 / mile when I was running, but walked home), iced it, realized I was ok, and got up and ran the rest of the way at my normal pace.

Good times.

Running in the Rain

I’ve only run in the rain once before.  Remember, my old philosophy on running was:  “Am I being chased by a bear?  No?  Then I’m not doing it.”

Today I woke up early and decided not to run since I could hear the rain.  I checked the weather, and decided I’d postpone until my lunch, because the weather report looked gorgeous at lunch time.  Wrong.  Cold and rainy.  Which, by the way, is freaking fantastic to run in.

I  didn’t go fast at all.  I figure that will come with time and I”m not beating myself up about it.  The best part was I ran into Darren (not literally) and he paced with me on the bike and we had a nice little mid day treat of a conversation.  So, I think while it might not be my fastest, it was one of the more fun ones, and that was awesome!

Also — I’m part of the 99%!

Oh, Happy Day!

My skin is definitely allergic to just about every brace out there.  I’m going to need to get a good ace bandage or twelve.  But good news!  I ran 3.4 miles today and it was GREAT.  I have missed running so very much — so to return really lifted my spirits today.  I didn’t go as fast as I normally do (I want to be sure my ankle is really ok), but it’s not what it’s about.  And, I’ve finally found what I think will be a workable pair of shoes for me.  Brooks sizes down to a 5, and since I know my right foot could do a 5, I’m going to give them a try.  I did some reading / investigating on the differences between kids shoes and adults — and, simply put, they normally don’t build kids shoes to run marathons, if you get my drift.

I’ll give a full review of the lovely Ghost 3’s that are on their way as soon as I get them on my feet and get 10 miles or so in ’em!