Breathing down the neck of the marathon.

So here I am, having left you all without my delightful musings, and we’ve fast forwarded . . . to a mere 6 days to the marathon.

So, thanks to my delightful friends, I have successfully met my fundraising goal for the ARL!  YAY for woofs and meowsers!  In more do-gooding news,  Darren volunteered for the marathon today.  I’m so proud of him.  That’s where the hard work is — as a runner, my biggest goal for the marathon is to ENJOY THE RUN.

I’ve been nursing a sprained ankle, and after some sage advice from running coach Super Steve, I took off some time to let it heal.  I also grabbed some KT Tape, which is absolutely wonderful – it has all of the support of a brace, but none of the bulk, and it seems to stay on quite well.  I’ll put that to the test today.

I figure I might jot how I’m feeling down here, because it really is extarordinary — the amount of nervousness I’m feeling.  Even though I know I’m ready.  Even though I did the work.

Right now, it’s 90% mental, and the rest is mental.