Feels Good, Man.

There’s a lot of talk in our household about improving the world.  I am subscribed to a site that pushes deals, etc. to my inbox, and gives me redeemable points that I can either use for deep discounts on fitness stuff, or give to charity (www.earndit.com).  This is what I redeemed today (from about three months of running):

200 people in Haiti get water for 5 years
4 care packages sent to the troops
1 child’s triathlon entry fee to encourage fitness
100 families in Guatemala a month of health care
20 blankets and pillows and toiletry kits for a homeless shelter
2000 kids in India immunized against polio

First run of the New Year

New seems to be the theme.  New job, new shoes, new year.  New start.  OH YEAH.

5 miles in my brand new Vibrams.  I am not sure if I will need to get the winterized Lontras — my feet weren’t too horribly cold and it was about (exactly) 32 degrees out there.  I seemed to be well bundled — some tech fleece pants, a technical sleeveless shirt under my fleece shirt and a jacket. 
It wasn’t my fastest, but it wasn’t too shabby of a start to the new year.