I know. It’s been ages.


We moved.  That was huge.  While I was recovering from god knows what reason I swelled up, Darren found a great house for us in Lawrenceville.  It is a fixer upper, so I spent quite some time tearing up clover/dandelion/crabgrass in the yard and painting.  Endless painting.

My job blew up, my second job got busier … and some things happened personally that I just don’t talk about on the internet.

But, I assure you, I’m back to logging miles.  OH YEAH.  So, after the knee injury and plan upsets, I decided the best thing for my running would be if I were to switch to minimalist shoes.  I’m now 116 miles into my experiment.  I’ve worn NOTHING but minimalist shoes (or unshod) since February.  Sure enough, my joints feel better.

This isn’t to say I didn’t do stupid things.  This one time, I was so focused on this one thing I read about form, I ran an entire 5 mile run on the balls of my feet.  INCORRECT.  I paid for a few days for that one.  One week, I ran way too much.  INCORRECT.  I paid for that one, too.  Running with so little between me and the road, and the off chance I could snag my toe on something has really changed my relationship with running.

I also got yet another neato little gadget, as a gift from my friend, Rachel.  It’s a neat little app called “Zombies, Run!” and when it’s not raining or I’m not running on roads in traffic, I plug in and listen to a neat story – and every once in a while, the zombies try to chase me down.

That’s where I’ve been.