Trials and Tribulations of Zipper Knees

Maybe that sounds a bit like zombie magnetic poetry because I’ve been semi-obssessed with it lately (given that the best of it lives in my cube).  But, my knee has been sort of frightening lately.  First it did this scary swelling thing, and then, after a day or two, it turned into just being slightly larger:

Why didn’t I want to go to a doctor?  Well, are you kidding me?  It’s barely bigger.  I’ve had ligaments tear, I’ve had nearly all the structures just rearranged in there — I’m not surprised that at cold weather and suck-ass peak, my knee started to show it.  The creepiest part for me, was I felt no pain.  I didn’t want a shot – I didn’t want surgery, and I still don’t.

 After resting this thing for a week, most of the swelling dropped into my ankle.

Other than the obvious “my ankle is full” I didn’t feel any extraordinary discomfort.

Interestingly enough, I read this article in runner’s world about knees calling their owners idiots. . it sort of woke me up.  This is my knee.  It sucks in there, but it’s awesome and can perform, just has some shit it has to deal with.  So, I have to be nice to it.

After quite some time off until the nastiest of the swelling moved on, I didn’t run.  Last night, Darren and I ran and had a great time.  I know for sure running through it is what I have to do — and I’ve been aggressive at training my abductions / adductions. 

I may feel sore, but I feel great.  Get ready to have your ass kicked, zombies.


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