Such a Lazy Girl

Let me start by apologizing for how lazy of a blogger I’ve been!  I have so much to catch you up on, dear readers.  But, I suppose that was a part of the pressure – I don’t know that me describing the minutiae of my training and daily life is all that interesting, but, yet, here I am. 

I’ve been running, though I took a bit of time off on the holidays — call it my normal yearly funk (though I defeated it on my birthday to run over 14 miles!  Happy 36th, beeyotch!), or whatever — most people pig out on holidays, I just didn’t get miles in.  The weather changed, I got sick, and then to ring in the New Year I’ve had a fantastically awful case of insomnia.  Seriously, folks, it’s nothing to mess with, not sleeping!

The first, biggest news to me is that Darren has started running with me. 

Second to that is I finally admitted I will be doing this for a while, and bought a Garmin Forerunner.  I’d link you up to a run, but the site is down, and really runkeeper doesn’t too it too much justice.  It makes me feel a little more competitive than normal, which I think is good — I’ve been pretty laid back, and maybe a teeny tiny notch up won’t hurt.   I tried using several android apps, and I just couldn’t deal with the absolute shit GPS.  A device built to do just that actually is far, far superior, and it’s an awesome ‘toy’.

Third is the latest upgrade to my cube at work, which is a magnetic zombie poetry kit from my friend, Brandon.  It’s awesome, and I love seeing what poems my coworkers come up with.  I just have to learn to take better pictures of it, because MAN my phone’s camera can really suck.

I’ll try to be more constant.


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