What the fuck was that?

Today, I worked from home, which meant I ate a delicious meal of gluten free oatmeal, peanut butter, a drop of maple syrup and some brown sugar. I adore oatmeal more than I can say — what an amazing piece of a runner’s diet!  I just wish I had discovered it before the age of 35!

  I had my noon time run around 12:15, and got in 3.3 miles — even though it was chilly and I was, once again, cranky.  I wore tights, a long sleeved shirt, my Calorimetry headband.

I got my miles in — they were weird and awful in their own way as I adjusted to all the new sensations — the long sleeved shirt, the long running tights — the added attention because of the first two — and I’ve decided to add what I’ll call a “more intense decency layer.”

All in all, I got it done.

And now, the explanation for the blog name — while Darren went out, for some reason, I just . .. ran up and down my hallway, in my socks, for about 12 minutes.

I have no clue why I did that – what the fuck WAS that??


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