Technical Difficulties

So, I went into work obscenely early in order to make up for my long lunch.  I suited up in a cute little running skirt, strapped my phone on, and started out.  DISASTER.  First, I was so hungry my stomach was growling (I have to rethink my breakfast of yogurt and an apple, I think).  Second, the skirt had a seam on the inside of the leg!  Who the hell does that???  Third, the skirt didn’t have a nice little cinch or tie — so my phone flopped more wildly than usual (this is temporary until I find a not horrible version of an arm strap — the one I have is horrible).

So, instead, I left early to try and beat the storm and get my miles in.  First, I ran up to Highland Park.  People were friendly — I stopped and talked to them about the cat who walked directly in my path (dogs aren’t allowed up on the reservoir path itself), and after a while I took off, then a bunch of people started running with me, and I just .. sort of bolted.  I’m really antisocial.

Then, I ran down to Morningside, and finished up there.

All told today?  6 miles.  But I got my goddamn file mile run in.  It just wasn’t pretty.


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