One thing I’ve repeatedly threatened to do is to run to meet Darren down town when he’s going to work out at the Y. And, for this or that reason, that simply hadn’t happened . . . until today. The fun factor in all of this was the fact that down town is 5 miles away — so to get my mileage, I had to add onto that.

I ran around Morningside a bit — the neighborhood is safe, pretty, and awesome, and it makes for a nice run. Then, I ran up to the Highland Park Reservoir — always fun to run on a closed path, and I listened to some music as I did. Since my android carrier sucks, I pretty much pop my music on Party Shuffle, so I didn’t have any control over what I listened to (my tastes are eclectic, and really it’s just way to pass the time). Then, I took my earbuds out and ran from Highland Park to Cats and Dogs Coffeehouse in Lawrenceville. I had figured on stopping in there for a biobreak, some espresso, and a water refill, and it was the perfect spot. From there, I ran through the strip and on downtown (only got stopped once when someone asked for directions to the stadium for the game).

All in all, it was a great run, and it was visually interesting to not loop the same path repeatedly (not that there is anything wrong with that). I made my pace, even considering my two bio breaks, and it was awesome to use the shower / steam room to recover. Good ol’ Scottish showers (trust me, I really get the name — my shower in Scotland sucked).

I had made myself a headband / buff sort of thing to keep my ears warm — and I put it in my pocket about two miles in. I wore my coat mainly so I could carry a larabar, which I happily ate around Lawrenceville (I really nearly bonked right there, so I’m happy I had the foresight to pack it).

Now, I’m enjoying a bloody mary, and not thinking about moving at all! What an awesome run!


One thought on “Adventure!

  1. Awesome Job!!! 10+ miles

    You are really progressing really well. Keep up the great attitude. Its great that you are experimenting now with nutrition and eating while on the run. There is no magic secret for this since everyone is different. Just like the endurance/miles must be practiced so does the fueling.

    Great Job again. I am proud of you.

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