Evening Jaunt

Today at work I got myself into a semi-productive groove.  These days, semi-productive is super-productive because there’s just a constant stream of interruption I’ve not been deft at dealing with, but it’s really ok — part of the finesse of what I’m trying to do lies exactly in those distractions.

Be that as it may, I kept bouncing back and forth on when I was going to get my run in, and finally settled on it would just be best at night.  I did almost go back on that when there was a 2 PM meeting that was cancelled, but really – I was getting stuff done!  Anyway, I got home, changed into my shorts and short sleeved shirt, and hit the pavement of Morningside for a run that took me up some challenging hills and afforded me an absolutely breathtaking view.  I should have thought of taking a picture.

After taking the time off, I’m sure I did the right thing, because instead of running my planned 3 miles, I ran closer to 4, and on streets without much traffic. That was very important to me today, given that I was nearly killed crossing the street to my bus stop this morning.  Seriously, I would have been dead if I wasn’t so hyper aware and freaked out at aluminium murder machines running on the bones of dead T-Rexes piloted by the Average American (shudder).


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