First Blood!

Yesterday I had a nice little 5k jaunt in the evening up at Highland Park (got to hear Policemen shooting like mad at the firing range, that was a fun one to piece together).  Today, I went for my four miler — I patiently waited out the worst of the rain, decided a light sprinkle would make for a great run, which it did.  What I forgot is that I’m fucking clumsy.  So, I sucked pavement about 1 mile into the 4 mile run.  I had decided I didn’t want to run downtown (I figured if I got too far and . . . ha, ha, got hurt, it would be too far to come back comfortably), so I decided to change up my zombie run — and I gave blood to the running gods.   BTW, I got my fastest time yet — I think because I wanted more than my drinking water to clean out that nasty palm.

That’s twice I’ve run without water — once deliberate, once not so much.  Both times, relatively successful!

PS — Thanks, JJ, for the band aids.  (She gave me two — and I needed both — that hand wound is a bleeder!)


2 thoughts on “First Blood!

  1. Yeah, it really is, let me see if I can get that one awesome shot from earlier uploaded 🙂

    Next time i come in the locker room all bloody fuck it, take the pic!

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