3.6 miles in shoes . . . too small!

Wonderously, I’ve discovered that Brooks Ghost 3, size 5, are too SMALL for me!  HAPPY DAY!  This was surprising, since I’d swim in an Asics size 5, so I was surprised I found a shoe that was too small!  But the ride itself?  Perfect.  Luckily, I ordered them from the nice folks at Sierra Trading Post, and they’ve allowed me to swap them in for new shoes.  I’ll be impatient, but it’s well worth the wait.  They even really hooked me up on the price. . . REALLY hooked me up.  So not only was it a discount for using older shoes, but one on top of it, too!

As for the run itself, it was interesting — I twisted my ankle on one of the uneven bits, but apparently it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought.  I got myself home (I was pacing around 9:00 / mile when I was running, but walked home), iced it, realized I was ok, and got up and ran the rest of the way at my normal pace.

Good times.


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