A First

I’ve never run after I come home — normally I like to either get my long distance done earlier, or get my mid distance in during my work day, or something — but either way, I’ve not run through sunset.   But today, of course, I didn’t get a break long enough to really even have a non-eventful lunch, so there was no way I could have torn myself away (I didn’t have any block remotely over an hour from the moment I sat down!)

But, today, since I couldn’t do it at work — and miles don’t run themselves, I decided to do the run around 6 PM, so it was also the first run through the park when it wasn’t some extremely early time.  I ran past kids playing on the swingsets, other runners, and one gorgeous sunset over the reservoir.  I’ve really taken to running without music — the sound of my footfalls and breathing helps me to know what level of exertion that I’m at, and I generally feel much safer, as I can easily hear if a car is slowing down to turn or not.  The nice thing about running on the trail around the park is it has a lot more cushion, but I also like the path because it’s not concrete. . .

Anyway, what a great run.  A teensy bit over 4 miles, but still good. 


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