Running in the Rain

I’ve only run in the rain once before.  Remember, my old philosophy on running was:  “Am I being chased by a bear?  No?  Then I’m not doing it.”

Today I woke up early and decided not to run since I could hear the rain.  I checked the weather, and decided I’d postpone until my lunch, because the weather report looked gorgeous at lunch time.  Wrong.  Cold and rainy.  Which, by the way, is freaking fantastic to run in.

I  didn’t go fast at all.  I figure that will come with time and I”m not beating myself up about it.  The best part was I ran into Darren (not literally) and he paced with me on the bike and we had a nice little mid day treat of a conversation.  So, I think while it might not be my fastest, it was one of the more fun ones, and that was awesome!

Also — I’m part of the 99%!

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