Lunch time Runnin’

Today I broke free from the cemetery (most often, I tend to work a 1 mile loop three times in St. Mary’s, but it can be a little boring, honestly), and took to the streets — running from the hospital (on a hill, so the first part is always easy, the last part is always hard!) on down to Shadyside and then back up.  Last time I broke free at work, I did a 5k from work to the Strip District – I’m definitely liking my ‘tourist’ runs.  I did reasonably well, and if I didn’t have to stop for my shoes (my toe box is a great size, the width of the shoe itself, not so much, especially on the right — so I’m thinking I’ll buy another half size up) and to talk to a friend, I would have clocked in much faster.

Tomorrow I have to figure what to do about my mid week mid length run — I’m thinking of toughing it out the best I can and running it in the AM before I come in.  I’m generally following Hal Higdon’s Marathon Training Novice I, but I have a 5k race on Sunday.  I had started sort of following this program, since I liked the idea of running a 5k on fatigued legs.  I’m hoping ultramarathoner superman Steve will weigh in on what he thinks is best — for now, the plan is:

3 miles today
4 miles tomorrow
. . .
Long run of 8 miles on Saturday
3 miles Sunday

That’s not really a week on there but I’m adding one.  My mileage last week was a bit over 16, which means I can add 1.6, which means my total should be around 17 . . . .and this’ll do the trick.  Next week, I can slam home the 9 mile long run in week 4.

Meeting time — time to run (I WISH!)


4 thoughts on “Lunch time Runnin’

  1. That sounds doable. just stay off your feet as much as possible after the 8 to let them rest and not be trapped in shoes.

    Take the Saturday run slow dont worry about time.

  2. Thanks!!!! That's exactly what I do. And normally, right after my long run, I take a cold / hot (Scottish) shower, and then nap for a half hour. I'll make sure my feetsies are free of shoe slavery.

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