Focus on: Zombie Haiku

My Zombie Haiku from my twitter account (randomized order):

Hungry zombies stare / They sense the trapped meat is near / They will be ready
The horde creeps along / leaving torn limbs from victims / and some of their own
I face the undead / shotgun, machete in hand / Beheaded.  Twitching.
I hate this system / Vista really sucks and blows / Zombies hate it, too.
I hear a knocking – / a vicious, awful knocking / I know what it is
Their moans pierce the night / rumbling reverberations / death’s cacophony!
As death takes its hold / My thoughts slow, consumed by brains / I sure am hungry
Intellectual / means nothing to the zombies / till they get your brain
Undead haiku-ers/ who love zombie haiku, lore / deserve their own group!
Brains are rubbery / And rather squeaky, bouncy / Yet zombies dig ’em.
The horde moans and shifts / to lumber after fresh meat / vict’ry by numbers
Zombies – empty slate/Full of zen, hunger – no hate/Who’s better?  Us?  Them?
Zombies bite and moan / Seeking brave eternity /One brain at a time
Hungry zombies moan / though their bellies are quite full / that’s just how they roll
I dream of zombies / Filling the streets with their moans / Bringing strange order.
Brains are rubbery / and a little bit chewy / but zombies love ’em
The hippocampus / is chock full of memories / it tastes bittersweet
Skull is obstinate / can’t reach the amygdala / cortex will do fine
Sitting in my cube / I wish the zombies were here / Sweet, undead release!
They slip on blood, bones / silly, sloppy zombies should / savor each morsel!
Brains drip down their chins / Catching on their rotting clothes / Zombies are messy
Knowing the undead / Is a comfort for my brain / zombies love haiku
A hungry zombie /Sees the skull as a Candy / Coating for the brain
My boss could learn from / zombies – scourges and ministers /  simple: hunger, brains!
Emaciated / they moan from hunger and need / no humans remain
His nose fell right off / into the waiting zombies / they did not eat it
Zombies claw and bite/Purge the world of left and right/Freed by the undead!
Solidarity/ seems only for the undead/ zombies are lucky
brains brains brains brains brains / brains are quite the yummy thing / brains are quite tasty
Tequila is nice / my brain feels slow and squishy / zombies would love it
Zombies eat messy! / They don’t mind when mess tumbles  – / they  love messy brains.
The undead move slow / but are relentless – intent / on getting their brains
I hear them, moaning / on the phone, still in meetings / even beyond death!
The job rots my brain / I am not good zombie food / no winning for me!
The time will come soon / the zombie apocalypse – / headed right for us!
Zombies will nibble / fingers, toes, intestines, but – / they will gobble brains
The undead surround / shuffling bits of bone, flesh / fighting for the scraps
The streets are wet, dark / I hear the horde is near here / Can’t run, hide – or win.
At Union station / zombie victims move to death / unaware undead
Respect the zombies/ for they shall without doubt / all hail the undead
The skull, it goes crunch / These brains are tasty for lunch /  One brain feeds a bunch
Their flesh peels, scraped off / their eyes are dull or missing / zombies are awesome
Zombies prey on us / we flee and cover our heads/ skulls aren’t strong enough!
Undead move in packs / mindless, untiring hunters / people hide in fear
Hungry zombies moan / for brains delicious and sweet / relentless seeking
Zombies greet the day / by cracking bones and moaning / they care not for time!
Zombies rant and rage / Eating brains inside my head / No more butterflies!
Meetings suck my brains / at these times I  sympathize / with the zombie horde
Undead flesh sags, drips/Empty bellies cry for brains/Relentless, Restless.
No wall is so strong / that I can feel safe and sleep / too much death for dreams
Deterring zombies / from delicious brains is dumb. / They will take your brains!
My back is throbbing / it makes me shuffle and wince / I am easy prey.
Brains fill their nostrils / Zombies are ready to eat / Crunch, Slurp — Damn Good Meal!
Skulls are cracked open / revealing delicious brains /  zombies rejoicing
Reanimated / putrescent corpses shamble / and the Earth smells dead.
It will get closer / And closer, ever closer / until we’re undead!
They are here for me / I see them through the key hole / I’m sure they want brains


One thought on “Focus on: Zombie Haiku

  1. Finally, livingdeadgirl’s #ZombiHaiku collected together – in one place!

    No more missing posts due to illformed #hashtags …
    No more staying up ’till 1am b/c you like your Zomku fresh …

    Those days are over, enjoy the apocalypse!

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