Road random

It is raining, and has been since yesterday around noon. Now I am soggy and tired – it’s been a long week! The older I get thr mire amazed I am that I used to have so much energy on a Friday night! Now, it is the day of peak exhaustion!

It’s been a good week – though busy, and I am looking forward to the weekend. Last weekend we watched seasons two and three of doctor who, and who knows what is in store for this weekend! I am sure it will involve a trip to the dog park!

Speakinf of those cute canines, they are doing well. Cujo is liable to start oxytocin related deaths. Cesar seems to abate now and then on his unending lust for the blood of the innocents.

In my constant quest for news of the weird (I always hope there is a zombie apocalypse starting somewhere), I finally started using digg. Thus far it has vastly amused me, and I am sure I will find a way to integrate it into this site (and twitter as well, though you can subscribe to my updates in many formats including text messages, though I can not guarantee the content). I just don’t have the time, and while my blackberry is wondrous, I am not sure of all the functions on mobile wordpress.

Mmm…the weekend is so close I can smell it!



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