Zombies and Raptors and . . . Jane Austen? Oh, my.

Okay, a ton of people sent me links to the story about the kids who hacked the sign in Austin to look like this:


Now that is pretty hilarious.  The whole news report includes warnings about Nazi Zombies)

(“Nazi Zombies” renders a surprising amount of hits in google.)

Every time I see the sign, it makes me smile.  Without fail.  I don’t even know why, I can’t describe it, but it makes me grin.   Apparently someone also altered signs to warn of raptors

Caution!  Raptors! (Velociraptor is too long to fit!)
Caution! Raptors! (Velociraptor is too long to fit!)

— I wonder how XKCD feels about that:

XKCDs Take on Raptors
XKCD's Take on Raptors


On other zombie news, there will be a new version of Pride and Prejudice released.  You’ve guessed right:

The Undead Strike Again
The Undead Strike Again

I like the blood spatter on the dress.

Darren and I have been training hard for the upcoming apocalypse by playing a great little addictive game called “Left 4 Dead,” which features one of Game Insider’s top villains of 2008 – the smoker zombie.

I’m personally hoping to achieve “Zombie Genocidist,” the companion achievement to Dead Rising’s “Kill massive amount of zombies” achievement.  Killing zombies is just fun, but dear god, Expert is near to impossible to beat.

Zombies — becoming more and more a part of our everyday culture.  About damn time everyone caught up.


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