Cujo’s First Few Days

Prompted by the now-defunct Puppy Cam (don’t worry, there are already several replacements), on Tuesday I sent a barrage of IM’s to Darren consisting of:

I want a dog.

Over and over again.  The original plan was to adopt this dog named Huero, but we found out that he was psycho aggressive and not even with the general population at the pound.  So, we went off in search of another furry friend.

The pound is a sad, sad place.  I actually cried walking around it, but eventually we came upon a puppy dubbed by the pound to be “Valentino.”  It was his bark that attracted Darren, and his cuteness captivated both of us.  We signed the paperwork, and brought our little bundle home.

Doesn’t he look like a stuffed animal? From Cujo’s First Few Days

Darren actually thought of the name, and since he didn’t seem to know his pound name, we figured it would be alright to change it.  I originally suggested “Killer,” but once “Cujo” was suggested it stuck, and it stuck fast.  Strangely enough, I’ve been finding that people associate Cujo with a rottweiler, which is kind of odd since he was definitely a St. Bernard (of course we’ve watched the movie, and I’ve started re-reading the book), but there you have it.

The name is exceptionally funny because, well, Cujo is afraid of everything.   One of the things he’s definitely not afraid of is the bed:

Cujo, doing what Cujo does From Cujo’s First Few Days

Right now, he is a sweet little dog.  I’m sure he always will be.  He’s definitely submissive.  I think he’s finally caught on to his name, and a lot of his walks are productive.  Of course, I’ve started reading manuals on how to train dogs, and how to establish yourself as pack leader, etc. etc.  You know, all the good things that a dog needs in an owner.    Just look at that face!

Too cute! From Cujo’s First Few Days

He’s got the capability to be such a good dog.  But he’s got about three years of insecurities to deal with.

We took him on a nice, long walk yesterday — up to a nice little pet store that is up past the train station, so it really was quite the trek.  Amazingly, towards the end of it, his tail actually started to be UP.  The dog has his tail tucked between his legs so much we couldn’t even really tell how long it was.  Seriously.  It looked like it might be a little cropped nub of a tail, but it actually has some length to it.  It was great to see that little tail sticking straight up as we walked back.

The pet beds at the pet store were a little too pricey for a little too little.  They are having a sale after Thanksgiving, so we’ll drop by then and pick him up some other goodies (and a floating rock doo hickey for Slim and Munly, too), but we really wanted him to have a better sleep area than just the chair (that would also have him sleeping higher than us which is an apparent no-no), so we bought him one at Big Lots and he seems to like it:

Cujo, with the new bed and a toy that scares him.  From Cujo’s First Few Days

I’ll knit him a little sweater soon (it is cold in the mornings, and the poor pup has some alopecia, so he really needs the help).

But, all in all, it’s going pretty well.  I just wanted more excuses to post pictures:

From Cujo’s First Few Days

A New Toth

We have two turtles, as you know — Slim and Munly.  But the Toths expanded by one more last night.

The picture isn’t good (I have to find my camera’s cable to bring the better ones over), but you get the idea of our little rescued Miniature Pinscher.


He had been at the pound for three months, and was on the chopping block.  For some reason, inspired by PuppyCam, I’m guessing, I was insistent we get a dog.  And here is the result!  Isn’t he cute??

Welcome home, Cujo (Of course our dog’s name is Cujo!)