I am Cassandra

I was talking the other day to Lou Ann, and explaining why the name “Cassandra” is one that has followed me not only in my career, but in my personal life. Hi, I’m Jamie, and I’m an analyst. And, I am a very, very good one, if I do say so myself (see resume below).

As an analyst, I have the very deep honor of being paid to think. And I really do consider this an honor — can you believe it? People think I’m smart enough to let me think on the job. Analysis in the IT industry, and in healthcare, is an interesting mental exercise — you have to try and predict what could possibly go wrong, and figure in some time to fix it, in addition to just doing the work. I’m sure you’ve noticed that computers don’t always do what you may want them to do.

Analysis, at least in a systems sense, is actually a balance of two abilities — one, the ability to look at data and extract information, and the other is to be able to formulate data to extract from — in other words, not only do analysts analyze, but they model as well. And I’m good in this super sick way at modeling.

And I guess I get a little sensitive, as anyone would after years and years of practicing a discipline and a way of thinking, that I don’t get listened to, or I get dismissed as ‘paranoid’ or ‘uncooperative.’

And, this story was told before. Many, many hundreds of years ago. The story was about a woman named Cassandra. I like to think she would be one hell of an analyst. She was a young girl that Apollo fell in love with, and he gave her the gift of prophecy. When shit went south, he spit in her mouth and made it so no one would believe her. So, she was right, but no one would believe her. After that whole Trojan war bit, since our friend and genius analyst Cassandra was actually Trojan, she was given to Agamemmnon as part of his spoils of war. So, with his new Trojan super smart concubine in tow, Agamemnon returns home. But, there was this family fued going on, and his wife, Clytemnestra was completely won over by his brother. So, her son, Orestes, and her daughter Elektra conspired to kill Agamemnon pretty much the moment that he walked back into the castle. It’s kind of funny to note, by the way, that both the Elektra and the Oepidal complexes don’t work name-wise because the issues they describe simply aren’t in the myths — while Elektra did cheer Orestes on, she wasn’t exactly dealing the killing blows. More like . .. hiding behind a curtain and egging him on.

Anyway, so before Agamemnon walks into the castle, Cassandra flips out. Tells him everything — that they are going to get killed, and this is a general bummer. Agamemnon ignores her, takes her by the hand, drags her into the castle, where both meet a horrible and bloody death. This isn’t where the Orestian saga ends, but this is where I’m going to stop telling the story because I’ve made my point.

The point is this. Know I am an analyst. Give me credit that even the things I say that might make you uncomfortable or make you think I’m paranoid that I probably have a reason for thinking them. Know that I probably have data to back up my argument. Don’t marginalize me. And, to answer your question, of course I probably think about things too much!


One thought on “I am Cassandra

  1. To begin with, if anyone should be paid to think, it would be you, since you are a brilliant person with a strong commitment to your work (as well as your family and friends)

    But my thoughts on this blog… you don’t think to much, you care – a lot. I know this as I am one of the many beneficiaries of your caring nature. That is a wonderful thing. Most people don’t think enough – in my humble opinion. It is reasonable to think ahead about the possible outcomes of a situation, anticipate the best and the worst based on past outcomes, and base your words and actions accordingly.

    AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, you (or anyone for that matter) should not be left feeling marginalized for your thoughts and feelings… they are your thoughts and feelings and are of value just because. Based on your blog, you already know this, but I wanted to validate you just in case 🙂

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