Business Systems Analyst / All around tech goddess seeks safe harbor

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To obtain a full-time or contract position in the Greater Los Angeles area that capitalizes on my skills and experience, and allows me to grow and develop as an employee as well as feeling that I am asset to my employer.


Intelligent, enthusiastic, results-driven Business Systems Analyst with over 12 years of experience working in all areas of data analysis: collection, analysis, warehousing, forecasting, and reporting, with over 9 years of analysis experience within the healthcare field, including operations, clinics, and finance.

Technical Skill Profile

Operating Environments

Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows NT 4.0 / 2000; Windows 3.1, Windows 95 / 98 / ME; Microsoft DOS; VAX / VMS; Linux (Suse / Ubuntu) / Unix

Over 15 years of experience in networking issues (LAN’s, WAN’s, 802.11a/b and g) from co-administrating home LAN of 7 machines

Productivity Tools

Expert in MS Excel. MS Word, MS Power Point, MS Access, MS Visio, MS Front Page, MS Project.

Proficient in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe PageMaker, Adobe Acrobat Distiller, SoundForge, DVDLab

Database Query & Reporting Tools

Expert in Crystal Reports 7.0 – 11.0, InfoMaker 7.0 and 9.0, QuestVista 4.20 / 4.31, Cognos Impromptu, Hyperion Brio, Cognos BI 8.3, Microstrategy.

Proficient in SPSS 9.0, Clementine 11.1, Business Objects, SAS, TOAD.

Specialized Tools & Packages

VARiS 6.23 and 7.0, Epic Revenue Cycle, Epic Clarity, Epic Cadence, Epic Bridges, PeopleSoft 7.5/8.0, DBS, Cerner; Rational Rose (UML, Use Cases), HL7 Interfacing, LANTIS, IMPAC


SQL Server 2000 / Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise 11.9.2 / 12.5; Oracle 8i / 9i, SQL Server 2005, Universe


Highly Proficient in SQL (T-SQL and PL/SQL)


Programming Languages include ANSI C, C++, Pascal, and Cobol, and some Visual Basic

Professional Experience

October 2006 – Present: A G T

Senior Business Intelligence Analyst / Senior Consultant

Brea, California


· Conducted training for Health Care Vertical for sales, technical, and the company overall.

· Domain / Subject Matter Expert for Healthcare.

· Participated as a Senior Consultant in several contracts and engagements.

· Performed technical interviews for healthcare candidates.

· Mentored various contractors.

· Wrote healthcare articles for website.

· Published Healthcare RSS feed for customers and internal consultants.


Staffing engagements for several teams including the Systems Integration, Care Vue Reporting, and Oracle Database Implementation Team.

· Performed clinical data validation across 40 metrics and 200 patients.

· Created and maintained reports in Hyperion Brio, Business Objects, and Oracle.

· Created and maintained information regarding Care Vue reporting in to facilitate proper Help Desk escalations and workflow to minimize internal downtime on clinical reports.

· Updated documentation for CDR.

· Served as an analyst on software development projects.

· Performed technical and functional requirements analysis for end-users of Oracle databases and HL7 interfaces.

· Assisted in documenting clinical data repository and its related interfaces.

· Documented functional, technical, and clinical requirements for clinical, scheduling, and A/D/T interfaces from to Epic Bridges.

· Created Use Case, and Process modeling using UML

· Utilized RMS to manage project and resources.


Pre-sales and analysis for a enterprise wide corporate data warehouse.

· Formulated content of response to RFP as it related to Domain Expertise in Health Care.

· Conducted interviews of 40 data stakeholders to establish and document complex functional requirements of a large-scale health care data warehousing project.

· Articulated needs as Domain / Subject Matter Expert for internal developers.

· Assisted the organization in formulating metrics.

· Authored the algorithm for the data warehouse’s Master Patient, Master Provider, Master Procedure (CPT), and Master Diagnoses (ICD-9) list.

· Authored reports to assist in the CMS, HEDIS, and Joint Commission reporting.

· Assisted in the data modeling and overall design of the data warehouse.

· Authored reports, including automated HEDIS scoring and alert-based reports

· Created Use Case and Process modeling using UML

· Utilized RMS to manage project and resources.


· Conducted interviews with 16 employees to establish scoping requirements for a large-scale data warehousing project.

· Wrote Business Intelligence Road map that included a full, phased project plan to assess all data requirements and sources.

· Acted as pre-sales in order to secure the engagement.

· Created Use Case and Process modeling using UML

· Utilized RMS to manage project and resources.


· Conducted interviews with 30 employees to establish scoping requirements for a large-scale data warehousing project.

· Wrote Business Intelligence Road map that included a full, phased project plan to assess all data requirements and sources.

· Acted as pre-sales in order to secure the engagement for the Business Intelligence Road Map / Project Scoping.

· Created Use Case and Process modeling using UML

· Utilized RMS to manage project and resources.

April 2006 – July 2006


Senior Analyst, Physics Associate (Contract) Glasgow, Scotland

· Developed data standard for B O C after evaluating national data needs including MCN data, internal reporting needs, and unique UK healthcare issues.

· Proposed national cancer data standard for Scotland based on current clinical data capture and the cancer registry system of other nations.

· Developed reporting suite for VARiS to fit all data needs.

· Successfully organized a Go-Live and Implementation date for two months following my arrival to the department.

· Developed an infrastructure of highly trained employees to support VARiS within Beatson Oncology Centre.

· Assisted in the development of clinical QA protocols for physics, dosimetry, and radiotherapy based on IRMER regulations.

· Authored training materials.

· Re-architected system to match B’s needs.

· Re-engineered processes and system to work together.

· Conducted 25 hours of lecture theatre training and 18 hours of super user training, and sucessefully planned and implemented a ‘train the trainer’ plan that encompassed 250 users, and personally trained 150 of them.

· Liased for HL7 interface between VARiS and legacy Patient Administration System.

· Created Use Case and Process modeling using UML

February 1999 – April 2006

U P M  C

April 2004 – April 2006

Oncology Network Coordinator / DBA V

· Consulted and trained Alliance Oncology (2 department site) on the setup and usage of VARiS to fit their business structure.

· Consulted and trained LCCC from having no PC’s at all to being a fully operational site on VARiS. Recommended business structures and data reporting to the Board of Life Care Cancer Center.

· Delivered over 150 hours of in-clinic training and 40 hours of lecture-style training.

· Wrote training manuals specific to data needs of the department.

· Documented charge process, scheduling process, and treatment processes in VARiS for Sarbanes-Oxley compliance.

· Implemented database and reporting structures to facilitate daily uploads of VARiS charges data into billing system to assist in capturing over 1000 charges per day.

· Assisted in development of implementation plan for charges at all VARiS sites. Implemented database and reporting structure to support daily statistical reporting, including the use of a model structured on a rolling 90 business day period. Coordinated vendor and internal resources on VARiS 7.0 Implementation project.

· Developed predictive financial reports based on patient scheduling with less than 1% error rate.

· Documented Historical Business Structures and Statistical Reporting Methods.

· Developed capture method to report on usage of Clinical Pathways for Administrative, Finance, and Clinical use, with appropriate HIPAA controls in place.

· Documented site-specific usage information for VARiS as implemented on a multiple-site multiple-accelerator clustered server, and fitting the complex business needs of a global / hospital-based radiation oncology administration.

· Certified as an honest broker to de-identify patient information into HIPAA compliant information for use in clinical research studies. Co-Manager of Honest Broker System for the department of Radiation Oncology.

· Developed daily statistical package for radiation oncology treatments, starts, and clinical pathways.

· Developed method to combine data from four sources for daily statistical reporting and ad hoc reporting.

· Developed Referral Trending Report for the Referral Trending Initiative which combined data from Cognos, IMPATH, SEER data from the state tumor registry, VARiS, and EPIC to analyze upward and downward trends in referral patterns across physicians and specialties within the entire UPMC Network.

· Developed training materials on the use of EPIC/Clarity data warehouse with intent for Radiation and Medical Oncology Statistical Gathering in addition to standard financial reporting. Created and Administered 8 hours of training on use of Crystal Reports with the Clarity database, including fundamental database principles.

· Served as liaison between individual sites and the central billing office.

· Assisted in the implementation and setup and found vendor funding of a Reports Server to help guarantee the integrity of the main VARiS clustered server.

· Assisted in the evaluation and implementation of LANTIS. Assessed usage and cost associated with implementation of a system-wide information system.

· Developed a solution for VARiS to IMPATH data exports via NAACR format.

· Advised SuperUsers group of physicists, therapists, and dosimetrists how to set up rights access, and coding templates in VARiS 6.2 and developed multiple options for implementation in VARiS 7.0 that maximized the use of the database structures and the abilities of VARiS 7.0.

· Developed complete VARiS reporting package of 30 reports for version 6.235 and version 7.0.

· Administered 120 training hours to staff in 10 locations prior to VARiS upgrade to supplement on-site Applications Training and Clinical Implementation Courses. Trained staff in usage of RT Chart, Vision, Patient Manager, Time Planner, Activity Capture, and 4D Treatment Console. Served as a trainer

· Assisted in coordination of setup of VARiS 7.0 Training PC’s prior to the upgrade connected to test migrated data.

· Developed database for Head and Neck IMRT Outcomes project and the Breast IMRT Outcomes Project, a QA project on Head and Neck Outcomes spanning 350 patients.

· Coordinated data gathering efforts within the clinics.

· Coordinated with separate departments on acquisition of supplementary data.

· Developed data quality checking method using several reporting systems to assist in full casefinding.

· Served as main honest broker of the data for use in Quality Assurance Initiatives.

· Project Manager on HL7 Implementation. Assisted in the development of specialized interface utilizing zsegments to transmit radiation oncology record and verify specific information.

· Managed Radiation Oncology Reporting department.

· Created Use Case and Process modeling using UML

· Utilized RMS to manage project and resources.

June 2003 – April 2004

Cancer Centers (Finance)

Financial Analyst III

· Implemented PeopleSoft 7.5 Financial Reporting. Within weeks, streamlined statistical reporting process from 30 days per report to standard daily statistical package according to the business needs and structures.

· Responsible for the reporting of all radiation oncology statistics for a fast-changing, multi-site, multi-system company.

· Implemented E&M Coding Distribution Reporting via Crystal Reports using HCFA standardized data and organizing information into charts for ease of dissemination.

· Utilized over 6 databases and reporting tools to do cross-business and cross-system reports and analysis.

· Responsible for the design and implementation of system structures in PeopleSoft 7.5, while meeting the special-needs demands of grant and special purpose fund accounting.

· Designed and implemented VBA code in Access to accommodate stringent medical billing needs.

· Designed, implemented and maintained Cancer Centers Dashboard reports.

· Designed modules to Access database to wrap several databases into one low-level data warehouse to facilitate statistical reporting needs and improve data access and analysis.

· Served as a liaison for the setup and implementation of a new EPIC Service Area for billing needs.

· Designed and developed VARiS reporting structures using InfoMaker, facilitating straight upload of data into Access billing databases and saving 2080 man hours a year. Assisted in the development of business procedures to ensure data integrity of VARiS while preparing for a database upload into Siemens IMPAC.

· Implemented combined Excel / Access solution to facilitate multi-department dashboard financial and statistical reports to fit corporate schema.

· Assisted in creating journal entries for month-end and year-end close. Designed reporting structures and upload process for budgets.

· Built budget revenue and expense model from billing data and PeopleSoft data that could be easily altered for on the fly analysis by accountants and managerial staff.

· Created Use Case and Process modeling using UML

· Utilized RMS to manage project and resources.

February 1999 – June 2003

CMI (USO) (Finance)

Accounting Clerk / Business Analyst Pittsburgh, PA

· Ad hoc Crystal/Clarity reporting for CFO, COO’s and Financial Anaylsts.

· Published monthly income statements and detail trail balances for over 200 physician practices via PeopleSoft 7.5.

· Created monthly, quarterly, and yearly reports analyzing Coding Distribution in regards to HCFA standards and benchmarking of productivity via Crystal reports.

· Organized and maintained financial report distribution system and reporting structures according to intricate business structures.

· Designed, developed, and implemented an Access database for Budget 2000 and 2001 for over 200 physician practices.

· Designed reporting and system structures for Budget 2002 and 2003, and trained employees on Budgeting system.

· Wrote and compiled Financial Analyst training materials in 2000.

· Designed Access database to analyze fee schedules.

· Created Use Case and Process modeling using UML

· Utilized RMS to manage project and resources.

August 1996 – January 1999

Q, Inc.

Administrative Assistant Pittsburgh, PA

· Designed, developed, implemented, and maintained a weekly quality assurance / performance program for over 70 employees spanning 10 departments.

· Collected data and investigated troubled cases for quality assurance program.

· Converted QA program to Access database and corresponding “Performance Enhancement Training” Program.

· Assisted PET implementation in Qualex labs nationwide, including written documentation and on-site or in-house training and setup.

· Newsletter Editor.

· Compiled Departmental reports, lab-wide labor hour and performance, and financial reports.

· Customer Service Representative from August 1996 – November 1996, provided customer satisfaction in over 40 QA cases a day, and worked with staff to ensure that the source of error was understood.

· Created Use Case and Process modeling using UML

Soft Skill Profile

Technical Analysis, Functional Analysis, Process Re-engineering, Project Management, Reporting, Forecasting, HIPAA, Healthcare, Accounting, Administration, Clerical, Data Processing / Collection, Editing, Interviewing, Problem Solving, Training, Sales, Testing, Planning, Implementation.


BA in English Fiction Writing, University of Pittsburgh.

References available upon request.

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