More Pictures

Today, I was in Irvine for a sales presentation to Cognos. Below are some of the pictures that resulted:

Me & Stitch:

From Trip to Irvine

Me, This morning (looking exhausted):

From Trip to Irvine

Those pretty, pretty trees on my street:

From Trip to Irvine

More at home pretty:

From Trip to Irvine

Irvine, the office park. I like to think of these studies as pictures of excess:

The fountain, from kind of far away:

From Trip to Irvine

I do love pictures of reflections:

From Trip to Irvine

The fountain is really really big:

From Trip to Irvine

So big that cars, seriously, drive through it:

From Trip to Irvine

Between the waters:

From Trip to Irvine
From Trip to Irvine

THAT is landscaping:

From Trip to Irvine

The Taco Bell. . . building?

From Trip to Irvine

3 thoughts on “More Pictures

  1. Okay, so now I’m a little angry with you. How do you look that good in the morning!?
    P.S. your pictures continue to be terrific – glad you’re enjoying the camera.

  2. I agree with LouAnn on all counts. Love the pics! My favorites are the one of you with Stitch and the reflections pic.

    Last pic looks like a strategic product placement scene from a movie – Taco Bell, Vision Solutions, and FedEx. 😉

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