I haven’t been blogging a lot because I’ve been super, super busy at work.  Just flooded  To illustrate my point, here is a weensy little snapshot of my madness.

I especially likethe part where I’m scheduled for two phone calls.  I figure I’ll hang up early from one and pick the other up pretty quick, but yeah,  I’m laughing on the inside.

In other news, during Pete’s break out here, we went to the Museum.  It was a great time, but all my pictures from it pretty much suck.  You can find them here. I had both of my cameras with me, an old Sony Cybershot that I took with me to Scotland, and my treasured Olympus.  By the end of the day, the Olympus refused to write to the memory card, and the CyberShot just refuses to turn on — but at least the Cybershot let me grab the pictures back off of it.  It was the camera’s dying action — letting me download all those pictures.

So, I bit the bullet and replaced just the point and shoot — I plan on saving up for a Canon Rebel Xsi, but until then, I’m eagerly anticipating the arrival (Monday) of my new Olympus FE-310.  I suppose the wait is good for me, but it truly reminds me of how American I really am.  I simply have no patience for waiting, and am all about the instant gratification.

Speaking of Americans, the last two weeks have contained a lot of speechifying.   The Democrats and the Republicans both had some big parties this week.  After all the craziness, I suppose the thought that sticks with me is the horror of hearing people chant for drilling, and make cute little jokes about war.  I’m not laughing.

I’ve been watching quite a bit of media lately, and for the first time ever, my iPod is full.  Since zombie has been wiped twice since I last synched the thing, and I have no idea where the discs with my backups / music actually is, I’ll be loading up iTunes and replacing my music, just so I can watch a few videos.  Specifically, Doctor Who.  I’ve started at series 1, and have vastly enjoyed the first six episodes of the new series.  It’s on YouTube, so check it out.

Really, that’s about all I have to report. . . At least until I buy myself a few spare minutes here and there. . .


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