Blackberry blog 2

For the first time in a while, someone spoke up on the bus about my tattoos. It is as hot as one can expect in August, so of course I did not have long sleeves on.

First there was Kenny, a nice older man who had served in vietnam, who was partial to my vines. We spoke for a while, I thanked him for serving our country. He was truly nice.

Then a young mexican couple said something funny (they sat in Kenny’s place):

“Fuck george bush – he hates mexicans.”

My response – “anyone who hates mexicans is stupid.”

Then they asked me about my stitches, and then whether or not I thought Obama would win. I told them I hoped so – but reminded them our country managed to not elect Bush twice. We shared a nervous laugh over that – and I wished them both a good day.

Given that the train does not blow up or anything, I might have escaped today’s romp on public transportation with little annoyance. Yay!

The train seems ok but maybe I should not have made that joke. For some reason the last two cars are closed. Yipe. This of course means that it is packed, but not as bad as I woulda thought.

I just looked over this random entry and my God, I think I am getting faster at this blackberry typing thing. Another good reason for a yay!

All in all, not too bad of a day. I am stupidly busy at work, so if my tone seems different, that would be a big part of why.
At least I didn’t have to wear those damn pantyhose all day. And though these are mere hours old, they are going to be the first thing I strip off when I walk in the door. I am sure that even though I have only worn them part of the day, they will still manage to find a way to rip or run by the time I take them off.

Bastard pantyhose.


One thought on “Blackberry blog 2

  1. To few thoughts:
    To quote a British newspaper a few years back, “how can 59 million people be so stupid?” ( I know that one made you giggle)

    If you can figure out how to wear pantyhose more than once without ruining them, please share your secret – coz I sure cant – for me, they are disposable – wear them once and throw them away – I wear a lot of pants suits

    This seems like one of your benign bus rides – that’s good, you deserve a little peace

    Some people will use any excuse to strip naked when they get home at the end of the day 😉
    love you,

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