Somedays just push me past the point of reason

I’m trying to blog more regularly for my five dedicated readers (you guys rock), but I’m kind of at a loss today.

I will kind of get to why in a second, but I wanted to state first that I had a great night last night. Coiledsoul came over and we jammed some Rock Band (and some wine . . . and, and . . . ). Darren and I had a great time together, too.

So what happens from blissful evening that totally wrecks the next day?

It’s this terrible habit I got into about six years ago. I check my work email in the morning before I head in. You know, a kind of heads up to my day. Only today, PMS’y, grumpy, and not wanting to leave my house, I had a particular email that . . . well, made me so mad I could see red stripes across my vision. Then I got so sad and depressed about having to leave my cozy abode, my hormonal ass burst into tears.

By the time I got in, the depression had once again turned to absolute, enraged fury.

So, I’ve been incredibly busy today, typing away at all manner of things. But not my blog. Even though I want to.

But I did want to say a short note to my readers (especially those with gmail) that google reader is a super cool, super fine application. You can reach it by going to:

From there you can either setup an account, or use your gmail ID. If you happen to know me and chat with me on gmail (, you will notice a lot of items in your folder all ready for you — from me! It’s just another way to know what’s on my mind (you can also use the rss feed to my google reader in the sidebar). But, it has other advantages, too.

Maybe you want to know when my blog is updated, but you can’t remember “livingdeadgrrl” for the life of you. Well, Google Reader can help. It’s an “RSS Feed Reader.” RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, and it allows folks who update their websites frequently to ‘broadcast’ these updates through an RSS feed. I am one such user — you can find the link to my blog’s feed underneath the “Chat Me Up” box (that is linked to my meebo account). If you click on it and have Google Reader, all you have to do is tell it whether you want it to go to your google homepage (did you know you have a logon for that, too? You can change your google homepage and add all sorts of niftiness to it!) or to Google Reader. That way, you could essentially subscribe to any blog that you wished, as long as it has an RSS feed. Most blogs these days do. That way, instead of going to ten webpages (and maybe forgetting about one or two), you can go to one, and it tells you everything.

I personally am subscribed to a wide variety of feeds — plenty of time on the bus with my Blackberry allows me to do this. (I heart my Blackberry).

The other cool feature is once you are on Google Reader, and have browsed and subscribed to some feeds, if you find something you think I, or any of your google chat friends will think is interesting, you can select “Share,” and all of us can see it in our reader.

When this feature was originally released, a lot of people griped about the invasion of privacy. So, I’ll say this. If you don’t want anyone to read what you’ve marked, then you can either star it, or you can just not click that share button.

So, there it is, a little tech tip from l33t_chix0r.


2 thoughts on “Somedays just push me past the point of reason

  1. Oh sweetie, I am so sorry to hear that a work related, crappy e-mail reduced you to tears. Think of it as having such a loving, fulfilling, beautiful home life that you barely want to leave.

    You and I have certainly had our share of conversations about working to live and not living to work (or escape), but I am happy to hear that your depression turned to anger which essentially means you directed your frustration where it belonged and didn’t turn it inwards. It’s not of your doing and it should wear you down.

    thanks for the tech tips – I have been really intimidated by the whole RSS thing, but I think I’ll be giving it a try – just don’t be surprised if you get a tech support emegency request from your sis!
    love you

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