The Long Nightmare and some Media in Review

I started consulting a while ago, I suppose technically I started when I went to Scotland. And, I’ve had a couple of views of consulting from both sides of the table.

Here’s one:

Now, I didn’t want to BE that kind of consultant. I wanted to be one of the good ones, you know? So I could view myself more . . . .

What’s it really turned into?

Take that picture. Imagine it more . . . Hitchcock. You know, the bird has just finished pecking out her eyes and Mary Poppins is actually writhing and death twitching on the floor. I was going to Photoshop a little something, but I don’t have photoshop on this machine, and GIMP is taking forever to download.

Something I did run through Windows’ Paint? Something I actually had to deal with:


At least I got to see Dark Knight this weekend. One word review, ready? ROCK! It’s pretty rare that Darren and I bother to go to an opening day movie, but we truly couldn’t resist this one. And, even though we were catching it at Universal Studios (alas, not on the IMAX), it wasn’t too awful of a wait.

And my God, what a great movie. It deserved its hype.

After, Darren and I started to watch Heroes. I’ve enjoyed season one whole heartedly — and just adore Hiro, who never fails to crack me up with his big grin.

I’m hoping season two will be just as good. But, so far, it’s been truly enjoyable. I really do wonder how NBC manages to get away with great, gory moments like these:

in a 9 PM timeslot.

It, of course, cracks me up that the main baddie of season one is played by a young man from Pittsburgh, who is also playing Spock in the upcoming Star Trek movie. It’s also interesting to me how they treated Peter, the empath — and it is just neat to watch people discover their superhero powers. Which reminds me, in the last week I’ve watched Blankman again, and still find it really fucking funny.

Before we gave in and watched Heroes, we gave Eureka a shot, and I wasn’t overly impressed. It wasn’t terrible, it wasn’t great. There were lots of more interesting things I was hoping they were going to do with it, and they didn’t, and I suppose that it is somewhat, but not completely, forgivable.

Other than that, I’m thinking I need to get myself into better shape (my constant struggle), and read a news service other than fark.

Since our return from Pittsburgh, we’ve gotten into games like Guitar Hero (II, III), and Rock Band. I’m definitely enjoying guitar, since I can’t play a real one (I’d have to get a 3/4’s one, my hands are honestly too small). But, I keep hoping for others to crop up — Violin Hero (Andrew Bird!) . . . I suppose Tuba Hero probably wouldn’t be a huge seller, but you never know. I have to say the games are ingenious and fun. While Guitar Hero seems to be a little more heavy handed on the guitar (wonder why), rock band is a lot of fun — and the online capabilities womp Guitar Hero’s ass. Both are worth checking out (some of my favorite songs ever are on Guitar Hero! And Rock Band for that matter).

And, the fact that this has happened is most distressing. I suppose I’m not the only one dealing with some really strange . . . IT moments.


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