I has can Cheezburger — I saw this coming.

I really did call this one. I’m a subscriber to gizmodo and spluch both, and when I have a few minutes of downtime, and Darren isn’t around to bug, I’ll go on there and glance over the headlines between database queries.

A while back, I recall seeing both spluch and gizmodo cover the following product:

Now, of course I looked at this thing and said “There is no way in hell that cheeseburger looks like that coming out of a can.”

From there I was distracted by life, and I went about leading it. I didn’t run into the cheeseburger in a can concept again until I was looking at some of the voting on Icanhascheezburger (damn that site for being so addictive) and stumbled upon this — and yeah, I kind of knew that a lolcat fan was going to get some action shots of this thing:

see more crazy cat pics

While that’s REALLY funny, I’ve just recaptioned it with how I thought it was going to be captioned when I first heard about the thing

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

The initial reactions to the thing were HILARIOUS — and ranged from “This is it, I am turning in my humanity card, I’m off this ride.” to “I want to eat a cheeseburger from a can more than I’ve wanted to eat anything in my life ever.”  It is at once hailed as the signal of a society in downfall, and man’s ultimate achievement (those who put it with the latter hope that this product displaces Spam).

Now, I was wondering something.  Even though I’m allergic and all, I really wanted to know what this cheeseburger tasted like.  I’ve been on plenty of long long hikes, and I could see where the company that created it (they also created liquid food for extreme adventurers, and powdered red wine) would market the cheeseburger in a can a bit differently than having a cat play with it.

So, being curious,  I just had to know — what does it REALLY look like, and what does it taste like.

Thank God for the internet, for within minutes, my questions were answered.

It really looks like this:

As for the taste of this lovely morsel, I’ll let them describe it:

True Journalists Brave Enough to Put That in Their Mouths

The Sum of Their Reaction?

Funny Pictures
see more crazy cat pics

As a side note, in case you’ve wondered where I am . . .

I’ve been really busy at work working on another client, and generally coming home, relaxing, and then getting up to do it all again. My time with Darren is always treasured, and honestly, I haven’t had much to blog about.

Then, on top of it all, the middle of it all, I had that AT&T thing happen. Then, and this is a kicker, my knee went out. So I’ve been laid up on crutches and dealing with the SUCK of trying to get in to see an orthopedic surgeon. Kaiser has me scheduled — for NEXT MONDAY. I hurt my leg almost two damn weeks ago! It’s going to take them 18 days to see me!

I’ve worked almost my whole career in healthcare — and now that I need it, it fails me.


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