LA’d again, Some housekeeping, A funny link, and a funny picture

LA’d again:

So, I go out to smoke a cigarette, and in my always feeble attempt to avoid people, instead of hanging out in the smoking area, I go around the side to where the dumpsters are (it’s a parking lot).

I see this guy rummaging around a car and tying what appears to be a bunch of clothes down. Then he approaches me, and asks me for a light. I let him use my lighter, and then he asks if I’m a nursing student. I explain that no, I’m actually a computer consultant, and I’ve been doing it a long time.

He tells me he’s looking for a computer consultant, and launches into this whole thing about how he works with ionizing water to cure cancer. He then says “I have a Christmas present for you!” and hands me some crystal. He informs me that he found it while investigating the Mason’s temple, and he found a lot of books on freemasonry and some Picassos and stuff that were missing.

Uh – huh.

He then launches into how he likes to get hospital plants, and plucks a flower from one and gives it to me. He encourages me to seek Herbal treatments instead of being subjected to Western Medicine. It wasn’t until I got inside the door that he stopped talking to me. Honestly, I’m a little nervous about going back out there.

Aaah, LA.

Housekeeping: To everyone who wished me a happy birthday, thanks! That was incredibly sweet. I had a good day, spent with Darren and media, and it couldn’t have gotten any better!

Funny Link

Funny Picture (thanks to Rennod):


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