Ok some guy who'fell in jail' is, of course talking to me and will not shut up this little old bent over guy who did not know what jail he came from and is mad they took hisfifty dollar boots


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  1. Oh, wow! You just had the good fortune to meet Bootless Jail Guy! Bootless Jail Guy is the next major underground celebrity cult movement. You should without delay tithe your entire life savings to the cult treasury and get in on the ground floor as one of the Inner Sanctum members before he really catches on. Once he does, it’ll be too late. You might even be privy to the secret mystery of the Unknown Jail and the Secret Nirvana of the Divine Lost Boots once you have renounced your heathen and heretical ways and given your life to His Sacred Bootlessness. Quick! now! Before he removes you from His Divine Presence!


    Hope that’s the worst the LA Transit System throws at you this month.

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