Happy Birthday Pittsburgh

Yup, today Pittsburgh was founded.

And yes, I HAVE been surfing the web for hours at this point. I just started playing with this cute toy called “Google Reader” (yes, tech girl finally starts USING the cool tech out there), and in general pondering lists, Brazen Bulls, and strange odds and ends. . .

And yes, I am at the point where looking at walls is interesting!

Some more Internet Surfing Fodder

From This site

The sleepless list obsession continues. I’m sure there’s a word for this. And, also thanks to the listmania, you can read some funny quotes from Prince Phillip here. They originally had a list of his “top” funny quotes, but I thought his conservationism was interesting as well. But, my favorite quote of his has got to be ‘Where’d you get that hat?’ That’s hilarious!